About us

1.    To lead people to Christ massively all over the world.
2.    To establish vibrant Churches strategically all over the world that will plant other vibrant churches.
3.    To make the world a better place through practical application of the Gospel of Christ.
4.    To make heaven our home at last.

To ensure orderliness in the church, the workers are organized into units. The units have been created to provide:
1.    Opportunities for God’s people to discover and develop their talents, gifts and ministries and use them for the glory of God and the blessing of humanity.
2.    Opportunities for God’s people to serve the Lord so that He may bless them, so that they may not serve their enemies.
3.    Opportunities for God’s people to serve for eternal reward.
4.    Opportunity for God’s people to contribute to the growth of the church and the expansion of God’s kingadom.

Units are specialized groups of workers with specific roles according to their unique gifts and callings.

Each unit has a leader who supervises and coordinates the unit’s activities and reports the same to the Senior Pastor. Each unit has a leadership team of five who take responsibility for the overall strength of the unit.

Each unit must organize training for its members from time to time. Someone has said you cannot reign until you are trained. There must be opportunities for you to train so that you will reign in life and eternity.

Each unit provides a quarterly plan of action and a quarterly report to the Senior Pastor.