Landmark Breakthrough

The devil is always a failure and God a winner

When God decides to do something in the life of a man, no one can stop it. He didn’t stop Jesus from rising from the dead. Therefore, he can’t stop you from fulfilling your glorious destiny

Looking at verse 15 of that scripture, you’ll observe the word “longed’ meaning that David had a desire. Everyone living on the surface of the earth has a need (desire). The bigger you are, the bigger the need.

In Psalm 37:4 says … Jesus Christ, our Lord, says in Mark 11:24 that … so the God of heaven knows that we have needs and desires. In our text, we see that David had a longing; he thirsted for water. The pant for water is way stronger than our pant for food. A healthy person can live without food for 40 days, but the same is not the case for water. Water is LIFE.

In the scripture, water is even equated to Eternal Life—forgiveness of sin, receiving the grace of God and so on. Jesus Christ, Himself said that anyone that I thirsty should come freely to the water of life. If you don’t have the water of life, you will burn in hell forever. When God gives water, he gives eternal life

Water is also used to symbolize the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit that brings refreshing; he brings anointing; he quickens our mortal body. The Holy Spirit brings health, strength and inspiration. He says when you’re brought before kings, don’t worry what to say; it is the Spirit of your Father within you that will speak through you. The scripture says that whom that believes in me; out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Water brings refreshing—release from tension and stress. Water relaxes. Water also speaks of fruitfulness. If rain falls on a desert, it will blossom. You will blossom! Your dry season is over!

Water speaks of satisfaction in every area of your life. Oh, satisfy me early with your mercy that we may rejoice all of our days. Frustration will be taken from your life today! Satisfaction will replace frustration in Jesus name!

David was a man who took his relationship with God very seriously. He took everything about God seriously. This man was longing for water. He wanted particular water—the well at the gate of Bethlehem. There’s much spiritual stuff to Bethlehem; the city in which Jesus was to be born. He wanted water that came from God. His desire was after God. David won’t have given himself another option. It was either God or nothing. His soul longed after God.

It is good to be focused on following God. Don’t take satan’s alternative. Don’t take men’s alternative. It is God or nothing. Everything you need, he can supply. When God gives, he gives the very best. You will receive the very best!

In between David’s desire and himself were formidable enemies. Verse 14 of that scripture says it was a garrison of soldiers. There was no way he was going to get the desires of his heart if the formidable enemies were not dealt with. Their determination as the agent of the devil was to prevent David from getting his water. The water that you need, the Lord will give it to you!

The enemy will always try to offer you other alternatives which are different from your desire. Don’t allow the enemy to negotiate your destiny or your desires.