Now the serpent was more subtle than any other wild creature that the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?”(Genesis 3:1, RSV).

In your journey into destiny fulfillment, you have to pay close attention to whatever God says to you, and be aware of the enemy’s devise to contest the word that God gives to you (Heb. 2:1-2).

As His child, God will speak to you, to guide you into what is best for you. His word is your light, your lamp, and your road-map into prosperity, abundance and rest (Psalm 119:105, Psalm 19:7-11). The word that God speaks to you does not only reveal His will and the direction you should go to enter into your rest and abundance, but it also
carries the very life and ability of God to help you walk in it (1 Peter 1:23, Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:3).

Obedience to whatever God says guarantees your victory all the time, no matter the situation. When you obey God’s word, miracles happen and you experience abundance. When you walk contrary to God’s word you suffer loss (Isaiah 1:19-20, Job 36:11, John 2:5).

The enemy knows this, and will always seek to contest whatever God has said to you, giving you what appears to be a “more reasonable” alternatives. It is grand deception, a trap to make you fall into sin, disobedience, poverty and shame (Prov. 13:18). It is a trick Satan has played since the Garden of Eden, and all who fell for it lived to regret.
When the serpent was asking Eve, “Has God said…?” It was a battle to contest the word of God that assured Adam and Eve of dominion in the Garden. Eve fell for Satan’s trick and calamity hit the whole of human race (Genesis 3).

When Jesus told the parable of the sower, it was a clear illustration of Satan’s battle against the word God gives to us. The seed that was sown was the word. It was the word that fell into a good and honest heart that brought forth fruits, thirty fold, sixty fold and a hundred fold (Luke 8:15).

The writer of Hebrews says that when God’s word is not received by faith it does not profit those who hear it (Hebrews 4:2). When Jesus was showing the difference between God’s children that are prospering by the Word of God, and shall yet receive more, and the hypocrite that are not blessed, He said it all depends on their attitude to the Word of God (Matthew 13:12-16).

Jesus made it clear that hearing and doing God’s Word is what distinguishes the wise, whose house will stand, from the fool whose house will fall (Matthew 7:21-27). You should therefore resist the devil’s attempt to contest the word God gives you by steadfastly holding on to whatever God said, and by doing them. The rule is still the same: Whatever God says to you, do it. Don’t ever give attention to Satan’s alternative (John 2:5). This is the way of
the overcomers.

This was the way Jesus our Lord overcame the enemy, and showed us an example that we may follow in His steps (1 Peter 2:21). I want you to reflect in your mind, and consider, the specific words that God has given you before. Strengthen yourself in these words by looking for relevant scriptures that confirm them. Commit yourself, with all your heart, to walk in obedience to these words, rejecting  firmly every other alternative suggestions by men, Satan and all his agents. As you walk in obedience to every revealed word of the Lord, you will see yourself moving
from glory to glory day by day. It is well with your soul.

MATTHEW 13:1-23

Confession for Today:
I am a doer of the word of God


  1. Give thanks to God for His word of life.
  2. Ask that God should reveal His word to you.
  3. Make a prayerful commitment to obey whatever God says to you.
  4. Pray for your pastor.

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