The Nursery & Primary School (Christ Life Academy)

Christ Life Academy offers qualitative academic and moral instruction to children at their formative years.  Qualified spirit-fillled teachers are employed to deliver instructional materials to children in a conducive environment.  The school enjoys a positive spiritual atmosphere as it is sited right in the Garden of Victory, the current headquarters of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries.  Apart from the qualitative instructional materials delivered by experts, the teachers are thorough-bred children of God that lead by example. The pupils and their teachers are daily covered with prayers, creating an atmosphere of peace and progress.


  • Christ Life Academy (Headquarter) at the Garden of Victory, Old Ife Road, Olaogun Ibadan.
  • Christ Life Academy (Annex) at Agbowo, Loyola, Felele, Agugu and Akobo.

The Secondary School (Christ Life College)

Christ Life College as an educational arm of The Sword of The Spirit Ministries is a Christian faith-based co-educational secondary school. The national curriculum of education is broken down to easily assimilated materials by Spirit filled qualified teachers who lead by example.

The school goes beyond giving just academic instructions.  Christian virtues of integrity, leadership, respect and honour are the core-values.


  • Christ Life College at  Garden of Victory, off Olaogun Bustop, Old Ife road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.