Christ Life Missions

Christ Life Church is the vibrant church arm of The Sword of The Spirit Ministries.  It is an oasis of Life where people find meaning for their lives and empowerment for successful victorious Christian living.  Thousands of souls have been saved, numerous miracles have been wrought in the mighty name of Jesus, and hordes of heaven-bound believers are making positive impact in their circles of influence as they are fed with the sincere milk of the word at Christ Life Church.

Christ Life Church fully came into operation on the 12th day of February in the Year 1989 after a very strong conviction of the Holy Spirit by the hand of His Servant Rt.Rev(Dr) Francis Wale Oke, The President and Founder of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries and The Presiding Bishop of the Christ life Church International Charismatic Bible Church.
The Church which started then as the Fellowship Centre of the Ministry at No 46 Old Ife Road, Ibadan now have several Satellite Churches spread all over Ibadan and other Branches across the Nation including a strong blossoming church in the F.C.T as well as many churches present in the U.K, U.S.A and Guinea Conakry in Africa.

Necessity as it is been said is the mother of Invention, as a result of rapid growth that result from the Church Planting work of the Church, this necessitate the establishment the Department in the Year 1996 to serve as the Coordinating Centre for the entire Christ Life Church worldwide with Pastor Akinola Dairo and Pastor Ezekiel Ajayi as the Pioneer staff of the Department.

OCLM is the administrative headquarters of Christ Life Churches worldwide. It is run by a selected Mission Management Board of at least 9, chaired by the Presiding Bishop, assisted by the Director of Mission. It meets at least once in a month to provide administrative directions for the OCLM Churches worldwide.