But the LORD your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed (Deut. 7:23, NIV).

The Lord God is a man of war, and He always fights to win. From our text of today, and also from the account of Genesis 11, He uses confusion as a weapon to scatter His enemies. The devil’s tactic of war is to see what God uses and to imitate them. So Satan delights in using confusion and fear to attack and defeat the people of God. This was the heart of the counsel of Ahitophel to Absalom, against David. And I will come upon him while he is weary and weak handed, and will make him afraid: and all the people that are with him shall flee; and I will smite the king only (2 Sam. 17:2).

Confusion, fear, weariness, weakness, panic, defeat, and destruction all go together. Unless you are clear minded, you cannot win any battle: When you are confused you are vulnerable to defeat and destruction. But “God has not given is the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind” (2 Tim. 1:7). You have the spirit of power. You have the spirit of love. You have the spirit of sound mind. You are very clear about the plan, and the purpose of God for your life. You are very clear about the strategies you will employ to actualise the plan of God for your life. The following are some reasons for confusion and defeat.

Sin: When there is sin in your life, you have opened the door to defilement and confusion. Your only way out is to truly repent and be cleansed (Joshua 7:10-13).

Disobedience: When you are walking contrary to a revealed will of God, you are in disobedience and rebellion against God and His word, you have opened the door to confusion, defeat and destruction, except you truly turn and obey the Lord (1 Sam 17:19-20).

Pride: When you allow pride in your life, you make God your enemy. He will confuse you, and you will certainly be destroyed except you truly repent (James 4:6; Prov. 16:18).

Negligence of the Word: When you do not pay attention to the Word of God to meditate in it day and night, you cut yourself off from God’s wisdom and you begin to walk in the imagination of your heart. The result is confusion and defeat (Jeremiah 7:24).

Prayerlessness: When you pray, you become clear about the will and the purpose of God. When you don’t pray you become open to confusion, fear and defeat. Therefore, pray (Phil. 4:6-7).

Failure to Plan: Planning is a weapon of war. When you fail to plan you have planned to fail. Take your time to plan and there is no room for confusion and failure (Luke 14:28-32).

Not listening to the Holy Spirit: When we listen to the Holy Spirit and obey His voice, we walk in the clear light of God, and there is no room for confusion at all. The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth (John 16:13). You have the spirit of the living God upon you. You are not confused in any way. The spirit of fear and confusion are out of your life. You are more than a conqueror in the battles of life. You will reach your goal. You will fulfil your destiny.

Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command thee: be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound thee before them (Jeremiah 1:17).


2 TIM. 1:6-10




  1. Give thanks to God for His Word.
  2. Rebuke the Spirit of fear and confusion in your life and cast it out.
  3.  Ask the Lord to purge out of your life any sin or spirit that is causing confusion in your life.
  4. Receive clarity of purpose, and wisdom from the Lord, to fulfil your destiny.
  5. Pray for the leader of your nation.

Confession for Today
I am full of grace and power by the Spirit of the Lord. I shall do exploit.