But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints (Eph. 5:3).

Every believer in Christ is a saint of the most high God. As saints, sexual sin of any shade is a very serious matter. The Bible says it should not be named amongst us, even once. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are to keep it free from sexual immorality by saying a firm NO to every temptation the enemy brings (1 Cor. 10:13). By sexual sin we mean all sexual activity

outside the confines of marriage. It could be premarital sex, extra-marital sex, masturbation, deep petting, necking, homosexualism, lesbianism, bestiality and “all uncleanness” (Eph. 5:3) These defile our body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and the Bible is clear that “if any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are” (1 Cor. 3:17). The first Apostolic Council in Jerusalem warned that if a believer will do well in life, he or she must abstain from sexual immorality

(Acts 15:29). Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob. He was to enjoy a double portion of his father’s glorious inheritance. His was “the excellency of dignity,” which is the priesthood, and “the excellency of power,” which is the kingship. But because of sexual immorality he was cursed: “Thou shalt not excel.” So he lost the priesthood to Levi his brother and lost the kingship to another brother Judah (Genesis 49:3-4). If you want to excel in life, then “flee” every form of sexual immorality. Judah too, one of the sons of Jacob, had an awful brush with sexual sin when he slept with Tamar his daughter in law, not knowing who she was (Gen. 38:15-18). He produced a bastard that could not go before the altar of God for ten generations (Deut. 23:3). However, through genuine repentance, Judah found the mercy of the Lord through David, the tenth generation in the offspring of Judah. Though punished for his sins, yet forgiven and cleansed, Judah fulfilled his glorious destiny. “For Judah prevailed…” (1 Chro. 5:2). By the mercy of God, you too shall prevail. To avoid the trap of fornication the following steps will help you:

  1. Dedicate yourself totally to God, giving Him your body as a living sacri ce (Rom 12:1-2). Receive the help of the Holy Spirit to always say No to sexual temptations, and live a holy life before God (2 Cor. 7:1).
  2. If you are involved in sexual sin of any kind, you should please repent genuinely, asking the blood of Jesus to cleanse you. You should then revoke the curse of immorality over your life, and your children, asking for the mercy of God (Acts 3:19-21). Break off totally from anyone making it possible for you to get into this horrible sin (Mark 5:27-30). Then go and sin no more (John 8:11).
  3. Get married and be faithful to your marital partner (1 Cor. 7:1-2).
  4. Avoid any compromise. No pornography. No undue closeness with the opposite sex. Nothing seductive or suggestive. “Abstain from all appearance of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22).
  1. Finally, let the Word of God guide your life. Live by the word day by day. It is well with you.
Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee (Ps 119:11).






  1. Repent of any sexual sins of the past and dedicate your body to the Lord.
  2. Rebuke the spirit of immorality. It must not have a place in your life.
  3. Ask for the help of the Lord to lead a holy life.

Confession for Today: My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.